The Chandefleur is the first and only floral & crystal smart lighting on the market. 

This is now the only place you will find this beautiful brand of handmade lighting.

 -Jihan Machuca

Our chandeliers are inspired by fashion, icons, cinema and travel.

All our chandeliers are made to order for your specific theme, style and needs.

The Tiffany Chandefleur styled for our lovely client Liz in San Diego

Customized and handmade floral backdrop made for our professional client's business.

These are freestanding and mobile floral walls. All silk flowers are hand cut and placed one by one.

Made especially for a local business owner, Susie Aguilar of Boss Chulas

Bespoke chandefleurs made for our client's seafood restaurant and event space. We offered her surround sound with groupable bluetooth speaker chandeliers. We also provided a smart hub and tablet so she can control lighting and music playlist for her guests with ease.  

Designed for The Boujie Crab Restaurant in Long Beach, CA.

Our Chandefleurs are wifi and bluetooth enabled and will play your favorite playlist using voice command or app controls.

Our Adrienne Chandefleur designed for our first perfect customer

Kumi, Rancho Cucamonga

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