Finally, lighting created for the style and tech conscious. You don't have to compromise style when shopping for smart home products. Connected by wifi and bluetooth, our chandeliers are able to play music, podcasts or your favorite guided meditation. There are so many uses for this modern amenity but style is never an after thought. 


Our designs are full customizable and interchangable due to our metal magnetic frames and shade coverings. Switch up your home decor in seconds without having to buy all new lampshades or chandeliers. 


 We have created the most amazing unboxing experience of any lighting brand. All of our designs are wifi/voice command/bluetooth capable and compatible with Google assistant and Alexa.



The Natasha Chandefleur is inspired by edgy & sexy street styles of New York. We opted for tons of heavy K9 Crystals cascading under the chandefleur. They look exceptionally beautfiul when you change the colors on your RGB light bulb.


Lamp Shade Specifications

diameter: 14" wide

height: 10"

weight: 6lbs

Black textured netting with peekaboo cut outs

K9 tear drop and french cut crystals


LED Light Bulb Specifications

Voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz

Power: 12WLED

Power: 7W

RBG Power: 3W

Frequency Response: 135Hz-15Khz

Wireless Version: 4.0

Support Configuration: A2DP

Radio Range: 10m (33ft)

LED Light Color: White or Warm White

Industrial Aluminum Pendant Lamp

Chord Socket Color: Rose Gold

Cloth Cord Color: Light Gold

Cord Length: 11 ft.


The Natasha Chandefleur

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